About Us

Boisdale Best is a diverse family farm in the heart of Gippsland. Our farm has been Australian owned and operated for 3 generations since Robert Harvey started the original dairy in the mid Seventies. Over the years, the original 100 acres and 40 Friesian cows has grown to 300 cows and we now grow vegetables on 200 acres of our farm. We pride ourselves on growing crops using safe, environmental, and sustainable methods – with the goal of building up soil health and biodiversity that helps grow the best tasting vegetables.



Where To Find Us

Our farm is located in Boisdale, Victoria – the heart of Gippsland! That’s where everything starts for us. 200 acres of the best soil, the Harvey families farm is the perfect example of an Australian family farm – lot’s of hard work and care.

We are farmers, but that’s not all… we pride ourselves on offering our amazing vegetables fresh from our farm to you and so we sell them from our farm gate, our shop at the South Melbourne Markets and wholesale to some of Victoria’s best cafes and restaurants.